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Friday night TV has gotten Serious
GoF Viscera
Fox broadcast network has Moved Sleepy Hollow to Friday Night, tonight that is. 7pm then Second Chance is moved to 8pm tonight after Sleepy Hollow on Fox. Problem with that kind of move, specially for Sleepy Hollow is that shows that GET moved to Fridays, usually will get cancelled. 2nd Chance is fairly new, no big deal there but Sleep Hollow, i do not want to see get the Axe (no Pun) Smile . I hope it survives. Mainly because the CW moved Vampire D and its spin off The Originals was moved to Fridays. Sleepy Hollow and Vampire D will go head to head @ 7 also abc's Last Man Standing and Dr Ken sitcoms, all at 7, I stopped watching last man standing 2 years ago but i do like Dr. Ken. Grim and 2nd Chance and The Originals as well as abc's Shark tank and cbs's Hawaii Five-0 when it comes back at 8pm Next week, will all go Head to Head. Grim ( although i stopped watching it after 8 episodes of its 1st season), is doing good at 8pm. OHH Yeah, Friday nights has just gotten more interesting. Which will be cancelled 1st?

Which sucks because Sleepy Hollow and Vampire D as well as The Originals, and Shark tank, Hawaii Five-0 i love them shows been watching from their beginnings. Rumor is that this Season the 7th season is the Vampire D's last season. That dreaded 7th season, series ending season. 2nd Chance if that goes away, i wont loose sleep over it. And if the next 1 or 2 episodes of 2nd chance doesn't grab me by the balls, i'll drop it my self.

Let the FRIDAY NIGHT TV RATINGS WAR BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She's the mother of Dragons. He, is the Mother Fucker...
Giggity, Giggity Goooo!!!!
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GoF Viscera
07-06-2017 06:55

07-03-2017 18:48
We don't lick people. Lies we tell kids.

GoF Viscera
11-09-2016 23:47
9/11 Never For Get

GoF Viscera
01-09-2016 07:50
But Still, Go FUCK YOUR SELF!!!!

GoF Viscera
01-09-2016 07:49
Dear Death: You've taken My Family, You've Taken my Friends. You've Taken My Movie and Tv Stars. Along with chunks of my Heart and Soul. Death You are un avoidable. -->>

GoF Viscera
01-09-2016 07:44
I lost another Cousin last night in a car crash on Meadows Ave. RIP Noaren, My Dear Dear Cousin...

GoF Viscera
01-09-2016 07:40
And his Classic, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. RIP GENE. Laughter will never be the same again.

GoF Viscera
01-09-2016 07:35
I LOVED BLAZING SADDLES, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, THE PRODUCERS. His Buddy Films with Richard Pryor, Stir Crazy. Silver Streak, See No Evil, hear no evil. -->>

GoF Viscera
01-09-2016 07:31
Yes i know, I Love Wilder. He was Such a Great Human Being and Actor performer, Comedian. He was a True artist. ->>

30-08-2016 05:27
Sad sad news. Gene Wilder dead at 83 years old. http://variety.co.