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The thirst of True Blood
GoF Viscera
The thirst of True Blood is still in demand. 'Kind of'?
NBC order a new supernatural series for this fall, from True Blood creator Charlaine Harris called Midnight, Texas.
is based on her book series about a small Texas town considered a safe haven for vampires, psychics, witches, and more. However, some people don't like 'em, and these different folks band together to fend off outside pressure from biker gangs, cops, and others.
So what, is this True Blood Meets the Sons of Anarchy? Now i would Watch the fuck out of that one.

so any how.

UM' Sssounds - interesting, maybe? Perhaps it may be better then what it actually sounds like?

I might give it 3 episodes. Reason why is? NBC came out with the Dracula series, which was good but it was slow and it got cancelled.
So i am leary of NBC putting another Vamp show out, me liking it, then they pull it out from underneath me. So 3 episode to AWE the fuck out of me.

And it better be more traditional Vampire lore and none of this Lovey dovey bull shit like with the Vampire Diaries and removing the religious factor out of their lore.
Other wise there is no holy water or crosses. Where there is Day light rings for all vampires made by their witch friends. Oh the Vampire have witchs for friends. Um' NOO!

Yes i have watched it for 7 season, I mean it had some really Hot babes on it that you just had to watch they were mesmerizing. Although i thought the way it was going this season it would be its last. Then finding out there is 1 more season ahead. I am thinking this should end now when its main star leaves the show and another leading star wants to quit but cant do to contract deal and just doesn't have the enthusiasm to want to do it any longer and it still goes on. Yeah its time to end it not give it one more season.

So there u go, a new Vampire show on the horizon by the creator of the True Blood Novels. Actually those i thought was called the The Sookie Stackhouse story? or something like that.

She's the mother of Dragons. He, is the Mother Fucker...
Giggity, Giggity Goooo!!!!
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GoF Viscera
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We don't lick people. Lies we tell kids.

GoF Viscera
11-09-2016 23:47
9/11 Never For Get

GoF Viscera
01-09-2016 07:50
But Still, Go FUCK YOUR SELF!!!!

GoF Viscera
01-09-2016 07:49
Dear Death: You've taken My Family, You've Taken my Friends. You've Taken My Movie and Tv Stars. Along with chunks of my Heart and Soul. Death You are un avoidable. -->>

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01-09-2016 07:44
I lost another Cousin last night in a car crash on Meadows Ave. RIP Noaren, My Dear Dear Cousin...

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01-09-2016 07:40
And his Classic, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. RIP GENE. Laughter will never be the same again.

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01-09-2016 07:35
I LOVED BLAZING SADDLES, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, THE PRODUCERS. His Buddy Films with Richard Pryor, Stir Crazy. Silver Streak, See No Evil, hear no evil. -->>

GoF Viscera
01-09-2016 07:31
Yes i know, I Love Wilder. He was Such a Great Human Being and Actor performer, Comedian. He was a True artist. ->>

30-08-2016 05:27
Sad sad news. Gene Wilder dead at 83 years old. http://variety.co.