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GoF Viscera June 06 2016 20:12:39
<-- Thank God for my back ups.....
GoF Viscera June 06 2016 20:11:40
Fucking UN-Crawler needs more then one admin. Fucking dude has a drug problem and in rehab again and no one to take care of the site. FUCKER!!!!!!
GoF Viscera June 05 2016 23:46:52
Yo Little girl got jacked knife, left for dead, not fucking cool. Plus its to late in the story to bring back a dead, man. This season almost done. SHIT, NOW I AM REALLY MAD! Angry
KnightHawk June 05 2016 23:07:44
That's what I was thinking. DAMN.
GoF Viscera June 05 2016 22:42:33
Yo DAWG? The Dogs back. WTF he dead? right????
GoF Viscera June 05 2016 03:37:11
Well God came for a champion today and chose the Best one. R.I.P. Muhammad Ali. Forever & always The Champ....
GoF Viscera June 01 2016 04:35:53
I am at the end of Assassin Creed 5. They call it 3 but its 5. and i Barely got started on 6 The black flag. There is 3 more games out. I am so behind.
GoF Viscera May 31 2016 22:37:47
Ubisoft Has rejected a ton of movie scripts over the past 6 years is about how long they been try to get one out. But yes it was a matter of time.
KnightHawk May 31 2016 14:26:33
Dude, Should have guessed they would come up with an Assassin Creed movie or show.
GoF Viscera May 30 2016 01:04:06
FUCK, Man this isn't right, just 4 more episodes left. Please tell me there is 13 episodes for S06 of GoT? Please Tell Me? Frown
GoF Viscera May 29 2016 17:30:40
did u c that trailer Mike?
GoF Viscera May 29 2016 07:36:29
GoF Viscera May 26 2016 18:54:32
Lucifer will be back for a 2nd round....
GoF Viscera May 26 2016 18:51:33
Sleepy Hollow is picked up for a season 4. I am guessing with out Agent Chocolate drop. Frown Shock Angry she so Sexy, i'll miss her Sweet Fine Ass, Oh and her acting her Fine acting. yeah that too... Grin
GoF Viscera May 25 2016 22:01:53
R u fucking kidding me thats how they are leaving the show hanging on a series finale. WTF Thats was the actual season finale. DEM FOCKERRRSS!!!
GoF Viscera May 25 2016 21:36:25
Buh Bye Nashville, u had a good run. I'll miss those hot ass Chicks with them hour glass hips.... Pfft
GoF Viscera May 22 2016 23:35:25
HOLD THE DOOR! R.I.P. Hodor Frown
GoF Viscera May 21 2016 21:18:51
Hey for got to tell ya Mike, That its in the talks of Bring back to life and adding Constantine to the DC Family of shows on the CW. He already had a cameo in Arrow this season.
KnightHawk May 21 2016 18:34:35
Well I'm about to cut cable. And just have internet and have to get them from the magic box. lol I got laid off last thursday. So no money coming in.
GoF Viscera May 21 2016 00:46:53
<--It Joins Veterans Shows, Arrow, The Flash. & Freshman Show soon to be Sophomore come this Fall , DC's Legends of Tomorrow. There be a DC show Monday thru Thursday.


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GoF Viscera
07-06-2017 06:55

07-03-2017 18:48
We don't lick people. Lies we tell kids.

GoF Viscera
11-09-2016 23:47
9/11 Never For Get

GoF Viscera
01-09-2016 07:50
But Still, Go FUCK YOUR SELF!!!!

GoF Viscera
01-09-2016 07:49
Dear Death: You've taken My Family, You've Taken my Friends. You've Taken My Movie and Tv Stars. Along with chunks of my Heart and Soul. Death You are un avoidable. -->>

GoF Viscera
01-09-2016 07:44
I lost another Cousin last night in a car crash on Meadows Ave. RIP Noaren, My Dear Dear Cousin...

GoF Viscera
01-09-2016 07:40
And his Classic, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. RIP GENE. Laughter will never be the same again.

GoF Viscera
01-09-2016 07:35
I LOVED BLAZING SADDLES, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, THE PRODUCERS. His Buddy Films with Richard Pryor, Stir Crazy. Silver Streak, See No Evil, hear no evil. -->>

GoF Viscera
01-09-2016 07:31
Yes i know, I Love Wilder. He was Such a Great Human Being and Actor performer, Comedian. He was a True artist. ->>

30-08-2016 05:27
Sad sad news. Gene Wilder dead at 83 years old.